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Advisor Information Page

The OVPD Explorer Post Advisors are:
Officer Kevin Mattocks             401-8446
Officer Wendy Davis                 401-8534
Officer Sarah Leiner                 235-8196



Please update your training at the “MyParticipation” page of the Learning For Life website.
Youth Protection” Training is required every two years by all Explorer Leaders.
It is best to also take the “Safety Afloat” training for our Colorado Competitions.
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You will need to complete the following before taking your “Youth Protection” or “Safety Afloat” courses:
BSA Adult Application Single Page
LFL Adult Exemption
Note: The LFL Adult Exemption is needed so you don’t have to provide a Social Secuirty Number.


Complete the POST renewal each year by December.
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This is a power point that will teach you how to recharter your post every year.
Explorer Recharter Information Powerpoint
This can be used from last year to fill in your current charter paperwork.
2012 Explorer POST Recharter Roster

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Injury Forms:
If someone is injured, you will need these forms.
HSR Report Form
Incident Information Report

Trip Forms for Competition Trip Plans filed with BSA: NO LONGER REQUIRED BY BSA